A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Website Photography

For years I’ve been urging small business owners to invest in great photography, especially (positive) photos of the business owners and their smiling teams. Why? Photos increase connectivity. They add authenticity to your digital media and website, telling your customers, “We’re real, we enjoy what we do and you can count on us.”

Sure, that may sound like a lot to convey in a few photos but photos are powerful media.  Potential new customers are arriving on your social media, Google page or website looking for something to relate to.  The right picture can speak a thousand words and the right group of images can convey an entire personality of a business and the people who work there.

Can photos really build trust?

A recent study was conduced on “business trust” by the folks at BrightLocal to determine the efficacy of professional photography.  The research include surveying some 4,000 people and the survey experts tested three different photography styles on websites:

  1. Sites that featured a photo of the business owner
  2. Sites that featured a generic product
  3. Sites with no photos or images at all

It was no surprise that the sites with an image of the business owner scored highest (46%) in consumer trust. The generic office picture wasn’t as effective, coming in at a 33 percent trust level. Finally, sites without an image scored 21 percent.

You are your brand

Remember, YOU are the backbone of your brand whether you like it or not.  Invest in quality photography of you and your team. It is an important part of converting website traffic and Google search visitors into future customers.

Need help with your photography? We’re always here to help. We offer a full photography package of still shots and/or video. Yes, videos can be equally effective – of not more.  Learn more by contacting us at (757) 737-1306 or

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