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How Are New Customers Finding You? The Latest on Google Searches

Nearly 80 percent of prospective customers start their journey for finding services in the local market with Google searches. It’s where customers are searching for just about everything –  including HVAC contractors, plumbers and other service contractors. They’ll check out companies’ review ratings, how many reviews each company has received, then most likely visit their websites to learn a bit more about each company.

Good to know, right?

Well, there’s one problem and your competitors are likely in on the secret.   It’s also why your competitors may be ranking on page one of Google and you’re not!  Ranking on Google searches that drive traffic to your business a key factor in new customer success. And whether it’s SEO or paid advertising, hiring a professional digital marketer to be your “guide by your side” can serve as a wise part of your game plan in 2020.

So, what else do you need to know about getting found online?

Pay attention to the rise in popularity of digital assistants. What does this mean? It means your SEO partners have to tweak your SEO strategy to cater to voice searches, not just keyboards and touchscreens. The popularity of voice search will rise exponentially in 2020. In fact, by 2022 it is projected that over 50 percent of households will have a smart speaker device. That’s in addition to the overwhelming majority of people who currently have a digital assistant on their phone.

More and more search terms are starting with “Okay Google” – which is the code phrase that activates an Android device’s digital assistant. Moreover, we have first-hand knowledge that Google’s search engine is beta-testing a feature that will help determine which portions of a website are optimized for voice search.

Example: Rather than focusing solely on keywords like, “Plumber Norfolk VA,” also incorporate long tail keywords like, “Find a plumber in Norfolk, Virginia.”

Capturing new customers in 2020 means understanding the complexity of the digital marketing landscape and choosing the strategies that are going to work for your specific business. After all, marketing is made up of a lot of moving parts. New tactics, technologies, and the ever-changing world of Google keeps digital marketers like seelutions always on our toes (our toes are getting very sore).

That being said, we love what we do and don’t mind doing the legwork for you.  Complete our complimentary DISCOVERY FORM and learn how we can best support you in the coming year.  Want more tips like this? Stay informed by connecting with us on Facebook. Click here to seelutions!

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