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Four must-haves for your HVAC holiday marketing strategy

Use these four tips to make your HVAC holiday marketing strategy merry and bright. Your holiday marketing strategy can be the gift that keeps on giving you new customers into next year.

Must-haves for your holiday marketing strategy 

Set aside planning time, offer incentives, make connections and send out strategic email marketing campaigns.

  1. Planning time 
  2. Offer incentives 
  3. Connect with your customers on social media
  4. Engage with email (or direct mail) marketing 

1. Set Aside Planning Time

This doesn’t have to take hours of planning time, but do set aside at least an hour or so –  THIS WEEK –  to outline a few important strategies for your marketing agency to tackle now through the end of the year.   Review important messages for the posting schedule on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Think about the kinds of requests you receive MOST over the holiday season from your current (and best) customers.  Let your marketing team know the top 4-5 questions and/or problems your customers have this time of year to allow them to develop responsive posts and campaigns.

If you’re thinking about offering some incentives for customers over the holidays or new year – you can simply let your followers know that they should stay tuned for upcoming announcements in the few weeks. You can also remind your followers to start booking key services with you now to ensure that they’re ready for the holidays.

Use Facebook  Instagram or even YouTube to post and boost content about your team and what the holidays mean to them. This kind of content is shareable, sweet and your followers will love it!

Your tweets (if you have a Twitter account) should be a mix of both seasonal and sales-y content. Share holiday-related tips and tricks and tweet your deals or special seasonal offerings.

Planning ahead ensures that your content will have time to get in front of your customers during the holiday and new year period. And, ultimately, it will save you time to run your business and spend time with friends and family during this special time of year.

2. Offer incentives

Another one of our must-haves for your holiday marketing strategy is to offer incentives. Yes, this is the time of year where “deals and promotions” are especially top-of-mind to today’s consumers – even when it comes to heating and cooling systems. They want to see promotions while they’re doing their research online.

65% of online shoppers are highly influenced by sales and promotions when making their purchases in November/December.

Dive into multiple platforms to promote your sales and specials using both social media, email marketing or direct mail campaigns. When you’re posting about your holiday specials, make sure you post about them more than once to increase brand awareness. (Just don’t overwhelm your followers with overly sales-focused content!)

Remember, your customers want to see content that’s varied, interesting and that tells a story — with some incentives mixed in. Sprinkle in the holiday incentives and give the people what they’re looking for this season.

3. Be “social” with your customers on social media

Connecting with your customers on social media during the holiday season should help them like, trust and recommend your business to others. The holidays are a time of year that people associate with friends, family and happy, warm feelings. Aligning your brand on social media with positive comments and stories can help you connect with customers of all ages. Don’t be shy – get personal by creating and sharing content that will pull at your customers’ heartstrings.

Social media needs to be “social” so you can connect with your customers on an emotional level.  If you can help them to like and trust your brand, this will go a long way.

Remember to be responsive on every mention, comment and wall post that comes in for your business. Being responsive has the power to influence customer opinions of your business and skillfully handling customer questions can improve the likelihood of extended referrals.

4.) Utilize direct to consumer mail or email marketing

Take a look at your “in active” customers and consider a re-engagement campaign. A re-engagement campaign can convert these customer already associated with your brand interested in your business again just in time for the holidays and new year.

First, you’ll need to create a list of customers who haven’t booked services with you in the past year.  If you have the emails of these customers, provide your marketing agency with an “email customer list” so they can prepare an email marketing strategy. For those customers who you only have mailing addresses for, create a “mailing customer list” and plan a postcard or letter campaign to re-activate this group.

For the email marketing campaign, consider using humor to encourage open rates if it works with your brand.  The subject line of your email is very important for these messages. They can’t click to stay on your email list if the subject line doesn’t cause them to even open the email. The content of your email messages should be straight-forward with a single call-to-action: Click here to keep getting our exclusive customer offers.”

Next, let them know what’s coming. Why should they want to keep receiving communication from your business? Tell them the benefits of receiving your email notices … exclusive sales, access to notifications about new products. Monitor whether or not they opt in, then you’ll have a brand new opted-in email list to leverage not only for the holiday campaign but throughout next year!

Send a cheerful content and seasonal savings. Now that you’ve created your lists, it’s time to develop the content of your email or letter with engaging content.  Provide PROMO CODES, coupons and special offers and consider assigning expiration dates for the deals to create urgency.

Then, pepper in fun, engaging content to grab their interest. Samples…

  • Show off your new products and services. 
  • Add value by providing interesting info and resources like the best way to put lights on a tree or holiday drink recipes. 

Think about what you would want to receive from businesses over the holidays, then use that to inform your marketing content.

So, those are our top four tips. Looking for a helping hand over the holidays or new year? Seelutions marketing is here to help!

We hope that your marketing is merry and bright this season.

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