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Why Your Website Must Have Links

The worldwide web covers millions of topics, and links between those topics are indispensable.  The bottom line is, inks are absolutely critical for an interconnected web. So, why does your website need to have links? And, what’s the difference between “external” links and “internal” links?

What is an external link?

An external link is simply a link between two separate websites.  A link that takes you from one page of a specific website to another page is called an internal link.  Internal links are very important for a website’s structure and SEO, but the external links are most important.  And, there are two types of external links:

  • Inbound links
    Also known as backlinks; these are links from other websites to yours.
  • Outbound links
    These are links from your website to another website.

Why do outbound links matter?

When we design a website, we often include an outbound link on every page.  We feel so strongly about this because our mission is for strong SEO for every single client.  Websites need to connect to each other to be found, by search engines and ultimately by the targeted end-users – your customers! So it’s absolutely critical to connect the dots of the web.  These inbound and outbound links simply make it easier for search engines to find your website.  And, they also help us gain insight into how each page is relating to each other.   Any good website developer’s goal is to build a well-connected website that ultimately builds trust and converts into a new customer.

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