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Understanding today’s modern buyer of HVAC and plumbing services

Not so long ago, the decision-making process of the average buyer of plumbing services was relatively linear. Customers experienced a plumbing issue, went to the yellow pages or called a friend for a referral, then followed a predictable path that ended with a sale. That’s no longer true for most customer acquisitions. The modern sales funnel is more like a looping journey full of twists and turns as consumers follow their own, personalized path prior to making a purchase.

Let’s take a look at an example of what the average consumer does today when facing an HVAC or plumbing issue:

Pretend our consumer is Tom, a 40-year-old homeowner who just found out his shower won’t turn on.  It’s 7:00 am and Tom has to be at work in an hour.

He grabs his phone and uses voice search to Google, “shower won’t turn on”, trying to determine if the issue requires a plumber or perhaps is a DIY task.   He skims two articles that come up and learns potential reasons why a shower won’t turn on.  Yet, he still takes no action to call a plumber.

Information on anything – is everywhere

Tom goes to work and on his lunch break decides to watch a YouTube video from a local plumbing company on repairing the diverter valve, asking himself, “How hard can it be to fix this myself?”

Tom then realizes he has limited time – not to mention little interest in tackling the job himself.  He decides he better leave it to a plumber and Googles “plumber near me”.   He notices that his lunch break is almost over and quickly looks at the top three plumbing companies on the search results page.  He notices that one of the company’s listed is the same company who created the YouTube video he just watched.   He checks out the number of customer reviews and see that the company has a 4.5 review rating.  He makes the call and schedules the plumber to fix his shower.

After his shower is fixed, Tom receives an email from the company asking him to rate their service.  He raves about the prompt service and gives them a 5 star review on Google.

Modern buyers don’t save business cards

Six months later, Tom’s pipes burst at 8 pm at night. Do you think Tom will go to a rollodex to find the plumber’s business card? No, but he does remember the company name, so he goes to their website page. He types in the company name, gets to the website and click’s on the “Make an appointment” tab.  There, he quickly and easily books a service appointment online.

If you want more plumbing leads, referrals and new customers, it’s critical to connect with customers at multiple stages of this new looping journey.  You can do this with a multi-platform digital strategy.  What does your online footprint look like? If you could use some help getting your company easily accessed by new prospects searching for your services, seelutions digital marketing can help.

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