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Social media advertising is effective because the information on a consumer's social media account is provided by the user, so it is clean and accurate. We target very efficiently based on geography, interests and specific variables related to YOUR BUSINESS.


Help you regularly connect with and stay "top of mind" with existing AND NEW customers.

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  • Intsagram has recently rolled out it's advertising platform to the public.
  • Facebook owns Instagram, so we will be able to use the same qualified traffic as FB.
  • Agency can create beautiful images with custom filters.


  • Twitter has an engaged audience; however, ther's not as much targeting as Facebook, so the traffic is less qualified. Advertising has a lasting impact, as Twitter user interaction is extremely high.
  • Excellent for visibilty and branding.


  • Pinterest has a female-dominated audience, so you'd want to deliver gender-specific content and advertising messaging.
  • Pinterest is working on refining targeting.


  • YouTube is highly engaging and the second-most used search engine in the world.
  • Many types of ads, from pre-roll to in-videos ads.
  • Hundreds of millions of videos are watched each day.
  • Due to the large nature of YouTube, placement is based on content rather than the person viewing the video.


  • Snapchat is the best way to reach millennials.
  • Videos are viewd over 4 billion times per day.
  • It's premier demographic is people between the ages of 18-24.


  • Linkedin is great for engaging and connecting with professionals. With targeting similar to Facebook, Linkedin allows us to identify a specific audience amongst over 465 million users.
  • Excellent for B2B marketing and targeted recruitment.
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