Favicons equal power


Favicons equal power

Favicon logo designs have become one of the most powerful marketing tools today and most people do not even know what they are. Well, you see them everywhere! You see them so often now that you probably have become blinded by their market presence and domination.

These little designs are fueling the success of the biggest names in business. Just look at the favicons shown above. I bet you can identify each company by its favicon alone, except for the lime green and blue favicon in the middle… that is the seelutions favicon. seelutions is my digital marketing firm that services Home Services Contractors (i.e. plumbers, HVAC etc…). Please do not forget that one!

Every company should pay special attention to this new phenomenon in marketing and make sure to establish a favicon that is bold, simple and resonates with your market.

One of the most common uses of the favicon design is “bookmarking”. Bookmarking is the process used today to record a website “URL” for easy access in the future. Note the seelutions favicon and its predominant location next to the title of my website in the image below. This is “Branding 101” in today’s market.


This favicon becomes even more important and powerful when it is located within a grouping of other bookmarked pages on one of your devices. A strong favicon will stand out and should be easily recognizable to viewers within a split second. Please see the example below.


These new designs are not going anywhere in the near future. Therefore, I suggest you hire a professional firm that is experienced in brand design to assist you with its development. The favicon design is too important to play around with or make a mistake! Get professional help… your business future depends on this little design.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak to our firm about a favicon design you may contact me, Langley Holland, at langley@seelutions.com or visit www.seelutions.com.

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