How to Attract More HVAC and Plumbing Customers

You own an HVAC or plumbing business, and you’ve got a steady stream of customers on annual maintenance plans. But, the last piece of the puzzle is missing. You wonder how you can best capture new customers. As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin’,” and that rings true for how you market your business to be more appealing to new customers.

In this post, we’ll share a few tips to help you attract those new customers, and then follow it up with a series of posts, delving into each area a bit more in the future. By the time it’s said and done, you’ll be armed with the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Increase Your Online Visibility

To keep up with the Joneses, it’s important to have a broad online presence. This means polishing up your social media business pages on Facebook and Google+, and maintaining a solid website with fresh content – regularly!

Your digital landing pages must be branded and professional; think of this as your pass/fail test with your potential clients. One of the top ways to connect is telling your story.  Customers aren’t only looking for a reputable contractor to take care of their needs, they want someone they feel comfortable with – a company they can trust.  Finally, and this is more important than ever, your website and online social media pages need to look as good on a mobile device as they do on a desktop or laptop.

Get Referrals

Another key to getting new customers is through referrals from your existing ones. Whether it’s word of mouth or more so, online via positive online reviews, people want to hear from current customers why they’re choosing you over your competitors.

Organic Search

You know when you want to deliberately find something online but don’t know where to start… you typically begin with your preferred search engine. Well, your potential customers are no different. People want to find the information they want, and they Want. It. Now.

According to Hubspot, 75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search engines.”

When someone is searching for your services on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc), if you’re not on page one, you may as well not exist. You have to make sure the content you’re putting on ALL your online sites contains strategic keywords that land you at the top of new customer’s searches.

Paid Advertising

Whether it’s ads on your search engine (Google Ads) to roadside billboards to television or radio spots, paid advertising really should play some role in your overall marketing plan. Say a potential client is searching for furnace repairs in your area. If you’re running a Google Adword campaign during peak “furnace repair season”, your ad will appear on the page of that search, and you ONLY pay when someone clicks on your ad to take them to your website.

And, don’t discount traditional offline marketing tactics such as billboards, TV, radio ads – even direct mail. They can also help you reach new customers and serve as an added customer “connection”.  In today’s over saturated marketplace, it takes MULTIPLE connections to event get on the radar of new customers. The key is making sure your online and offline marketing strategies work together cohesively.

Community Interest

One of the best ways to connect with new clients is to give back to your community.  Your involvement or interest shows people that you are committed to goodwill and making your community a better place.  Demonstrate that you’re a local expert on all things HVAC by writing a monthly article based on FAQs and post the articles or tips on your website blog page, then share them on social media.  Sponsor a Little League team or cosponsor a run with other businesses in the community. All of these are ways to gain more exposure, and make you a more favorable prospect that families want to do business with.

We’ve covered a wide variety of tactics on how to generate a solid new client base for your business. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include these elements, consider adding all or a few of them to your business plan for this quarter – or your 2020 annual plan.

If you need help in incorporating any number of these strategies into your practice, seelutions is always happy to help.

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