HVAC Social Media Guide to Success

In this article, we are going to walk you through the different areas that make up a successful HVAC Social Media Plan.  We’ll share with you some of the common misconceptions surrounding social media -and the strategies that are working best. We hope it helps you avoid the pitfalls that so many businesses are falling into today.

HVAC Social Media Misconceptions

First, let’s talk about the many misconceptions across all social media channels. Most of these are common ideas that business owners have been led to believe or concepts that companies are touting as “truths”.

1) Posting on Social Media (alone) will lead to new customers

The top misconception that we see is the idea that posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. alone will lead to new customers. Let’s think about that for a second. When you create a post on any social media platform, who sees it? Most of the time it’s your current clients, friends or family that have liked your business page.  Simply posting on Facebook may keep your business top of mind to clients – which is always good in terms of referrals; But, your actual post will not be viewed by new customers UNLESS your client happens to share your post on their page.  And, why would they share your post? Only if what you are posting is extremely “newsworthy” or “share-worthy”.

Sure, we recognize that HVAC posts are not exactly that kind of content that generates a lot of shares, likes, retweets, etc. But that’s just one reason why it’s important to work with the pros on interesting content generation.

2) Posting on Social Media will help with SEO

Another misconception is that simply posting often (3x a week) on social medial will provide SEO benefits.  Well, that depends. Posting one quality post a week that generates comments and/or shares (interaction) will absolutely benefit your SEO.  In fact, it can be better for SEO purposes than daily posting if your daily posts are only getting 1-3 likes on each one. The best way to reap SEO benefits with your social media strategies is by having interactions, likes, and engagement with your posts. This is especially true if they’re clicking on external links that drive traffic back to your website.

3.) Everyone who “Likes” my Social Media pages will see my posts

Another misconception regarding HVAC social media is the idea that everyone who likes your page will see your posts.  The truth is, less than 30% of the people who like your page will actually see what you post on Facebook. If you boost a post, then that % will go up. But if you’re not regularly boosting your posts, most people will never see them.  The lesson? Boost at least 4 posts a month to keep your business top of mind among your social media followers.

So, how can you best leverage Social Media?

The best way to utilize social media for your company is to tell your story…in small chunks.  In other words, focus on sharing who and what you are as a company.  This will help you build a relationship and create conversations with your current customers.  Remember, most people want to get to know who you are.  This is an important process for customers to be able to trust you.

Social media is all about connection, connection…and connection.  If you are constantly posting about all your great services, customers simply will not be able to connect with you.  Think about who your customers are and tell them interesting stories.  Be vulnerable. Let the customer know you’re authentic.

Which Social Media platforms are best?

Start with Facebook. With over 1 billion users, it’s important that every business at least has a business page created on Facebook.  YouTube is probably the next best site to consider. YouTube is by far, the most popular video sharing site on the internet – full of tutorials and “how-to videos” that go hand in hand with your business.

For tutorial and educational videos, we recommend you consider creating a few short (3 minute) videos along the lines of “Everyday Tips from Virginia Beach HVAC to Save on Energy Bills” or “How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home” or “Top 3 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Virginia Beach Homeowners.” Now for entertaining videos, you could create an office tour or a video about the owner’s family if a family-run business – something that your customers would like to see. Testimonial videos from your customers on YouTube (and on your website) are one of the single strongest tools in helping new customers choose your business over a competitor.

Keep in mind, videos should be of professional quality. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, but you can hire someone to shoot 4-6 at one time for one flat fee.  Another important thing to note is using keywords. Adding in the right keywords to your videos when posting them on YouTube is incredibly important.  And make sure to include a link to your website.  Remember, quality over quantity.


If you are an HVAC owner and considering social media marketing, use this article as a guide.  If you have any questions about what you can do to attract more customers and referrals from your clients, give us a call.  We are always happy to talk with you, call (757) 737-1306.

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